Nagada Goings On

7 06 2010

Nagada is just north of Madang and home of the BRC (New Guinea Binatang Research Center). The station comprises two main buildings with a third nearing completion.

The third (nearing completion)

We awoke to a shock the other day…

Self-explanatory notice

You know that feeling you get when you’ve just done some washing but can’t hang it out because the clothesline is conducting electricity? Yes, the clotheslines are metal. PNG init! One of our guys, Sentiko, found out the hard way.

Team BRC

It’s not often all the parataxonomists (field taxonomists in the same way that paramedics are ‘field’ medics) are in Nagada at the same time – normally one team is always away doing fieldwork. An excuse for plenty of meetings and team events. This was in front of the new building.

Kokomo in fine fettle

Another time we went to Jais Aben, a hotel across the harbour for a lunch. We took over the entire restaurant. Luckily it wasn’t busy.

Long lunch

Other than that, I have been collecting and rearing galls from various lowland spots where I regularly perspire whole jeraboams full of skin champagne.

Me & my best friend SP




7 responses

7 06 2010
Les Winder

Hi Phil, I bet you are looking forward to the highland areas to get away from losing all that “skin champagne”. Jude and I just went for a long walk all over the Chevin with the dogs, it’s pretty warm here at the moment as well but nothing like where you are. What is SP? Is the Kokomo a relative of the Hornbill?



7 06 2010

Thank goodness we don’t have ‘live’ washing lines here, now that would really upset me if I couldn’t hang my washing out, we just have the rain to complain about. Hope Sentiko is recovering.

Good to see you have lots of company – for the time being.
Love xx

7 06 2010
Tiddly Widdly

That does’nt look like chicken biscuits to me! Give my love to SP

8 06 2010

All looks very professional apart from the sparking clothes line. Who is SP?
Seems you are doing an important job with galls, hope all those others are joining in.

Love Wozzer

8 06 2010

Oh I geddit, sp is the beer – der.

9 06 2010

SP – PNGs equivalent to Landus Lordus? (although obvously not quite as good).

Enjoying the blog, you gall-rearing goon.

10 06 2010
Tobias McElheny

I’ll have footage of the sing-sing soon.
Get some rest!

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