To Ubii Camp

8 08 2010

Enough fun, time to go to work! As soon as the singsing had finished, we were busy getting supplies ready to take to our new camp, an alleged 1.5 hours walk over the mountain ridge, which proved accurate.

Preparations at Kotet (Vojta mid-pict)

The route was pretty much straight up the side of the mountain, up and along it’s spine, and then steeply down the other side into the forested valley.

Looking back on Kotet

It was mercifully short distance-wise, but there were some tough sections, especially the descent where footing was uncertain and energy-sapping.

Atop the Ridge w/ Carriers & Brus (umbrella) & Elvis (2nd left)

In the bottom of the valley, a tiny clearing was visible and this was the location for our field camp. News was that the good people of the local community had already christened it Ubii (Oobi) Camp.

Ubii Setting (bottom middle)

I emerged from the surrounding forest to a camp already full of people. Practically the whole community helped carry something or other, women, children and men alike.

Ubii (from left) Haus Kuk, Quarters, Lab

The camp comprised a kitchen (haus kuk), sleeping quarters for BRC staff (with 3 rooms), and a field lab, all very well constructed by the community as commissioned.

Bridget & Co relax after the walk





4 responses

8 08 2010

Hi Phil, it was good to talk to you yesterday. In the first two pictures is the dark mark on the hillside behind the village where the landslip occurred?

Looks a cosy little camp!



9 08 2010

No, it was closer to Ubii but I don’t know exactly where. Cosy? Yes. Peaceful? Not always!

9 08 2010

I knew that is where Elvis really is.

9 08 2010

Can’t see anything resembling an Ikea bed or M & S cotton sheets. Photos magnificent. Expecting someone to emerge from forest and say “Philip Butterill I presume”.

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