14 08 2010

Some photos of the folk to be seen around Ubii.

My Favourite - Great Smile

I don’t remember this little girl’s name, but I love her smile and pose – the bush knive, the little bag. This was taken on the ridge over-looking Ubii, partly obscured by her elbow.

Late Night in the Kitchen

Brothers With Knives

Another favourite – Mai & Neru looking tough. I didn’t ask them to pose like this – as soon as I got my camera, they instinctively got into position as if pre-planned.

Camera-shy Sersyline

Sersyline is my other gall assistant, but she’s very shy and normally runs away when the camera comes out.

Martin in the Lab

Martin is our leaf-miner man. Shame about that bag.

Baby in a Bag

This is little John sleeping in a bilum hung on the side of the house, as is normal.

Me with Community Leader, Tonsep

Tonsep had a quite-possibly broken wrist, or rather, he had it broken for him by his wife who hit him with a stick after an argument.

Tonsep's wife and sons (pre-argument)

You may recognise Mai, Tonsep’s son to a previous wife, and John, the littlest one. On the right is Vojta. John & Vojta are named after John (BRC parataxonomist) and Vojta (Professor, BRC Boss, and my supervisor).


Mai (again) and others during a party night in which a pig was moomooed (cooked underground) and we danced to music.

Ubii Siblings




6 responses

14 08 2010

Great people pics, I like them all but especial favourites are Late night in the kitchen and Baby in a bag! And, on a second look, the girl on the ridge.
Keep ’em coming.

14 08 2010

Good to see some smiley faces. Up until now the people have looked sullen and pretty scary. Knew you could make ’em laugh. Expect there will be some new babies named Phil or Gollum next year. In passing, Ben Fogle is a public school twit who got eaten by some disease in Costa Rica. Bad karma to liken him to you. x

14 08 2010

public school twit

The parallels are uncanny!

15 08 2010

Baby in the bag gets my vote, but its nice to see some smiles. Blimey that must have been some argument!


15 08 2010
The Donk

I like how Tonsep’s orange sling perfectly colour co-ordinates with his orange shirt, same shade and everything. Does he have a different sling to match each shirt he wears? His wife sounds formidable; r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Suggest he keeps her away from any armchairs.
I will torture ye with tales of ham & eggs and lovely beer, you tourture me with picture of your amazing PNG life.
Any pictures of said moomooed pig?

16 08 2010

Yes I was impressed with the sling action. I will be posting a post entitled ‘food’ – watch this space!

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