Kaikai (that’s food that is)

17 08 2010

Elvis frying bananas (with Mai, and slightly smaller Mai)

Food – kaikai. Kaikai – food. Let’s be honest, it’s not the most bestest thing about PNG.

Kitchen store - Bananas & various tubers large enough to bludgeon an horse to death with (African Yam, Taro, Sweet Potato)

Our cupboards at Nagada are full of Tulip pork luncheon meat, Globe corned beef, and other crimes against taste & decency. Mind you, if you don’t mind the odd flap of intestine, they’re quite passable in noodle soup.

Bisket choice in Ubii. As you can see, the marketing emphasis is on how strong you will soon become

In Ubii, half the store room was devoted to Ship’s Biscuits. Basically flour & water. Thick, surprisingly filling, and occasionally dusted with flavoured salt called ‘chicken’ or ‘beef’. I preferred the chicken ‘Snax’ for breakfast and ‘navy bisket’ to go with beans or noodles.

Me scoffing some nosh inc. cup of tea & chilli sauce (it's too sweet, but my tabasco ran out)

Standard fare with dusting of curry powder

The food in Ubii, although more or less the same meal every evening for 5 weeks, was pretty good.

Sersyline preparing greenery

The Ubii-ers had planted good gardens around the camp and fresh green beans, cabbages, brocollis, and leafy stuff were available.

A Cuscus (actually I think it's a possum)

One day, the lads went hunting with the old banara (bow & arrow) and came back with a cuscus.

A cuscus (this is more cucus-esque)

It was lobbed on the fire. I have to say that the smell of it’s burning fur made me want to hack my head off, and I never quite got over it. As the gang gnawed greedily on its flesh, I nibbled a few tiny bits. The meat was tougher than the England Manager’s job, which is saying a lot. Also, I was worried about the weaker of my two front teeth. Actually, the taste wasn’t too bad, but for me it wasn’t worth the effort. Suddenly, Globe corned beef with flappy intestines became appealing.

Moomoo (pig cooked underground with various veg)

Altogether more appetising was the moomoo, a pig wrapped in banana leaves and placed atop hot rocks and covered in hunks of veg and then covered again with leaves and left to steam/roast for half a day or so.

Pork feast

I’m sure you’ll agree this post would not be complete without an arty shot of a kettle.

An arty shot of a kettle



8 responses

17 08 2010

Think yourself lucky young man…..it looks better grub than the Sunflower in Guiseley!!

17 08 2010

Cuscus…h’mmm, reminds me of bushrat in Nigeria but the Cuscus is smaller. From the “cooked” shot it’s fron feet look as though they have extended digits for grasping branches, it that the case? I tried bushrat stew once, tasty enough but off putting to find a head and a pair of large incisors therein! Don’t blame you one bit for not taking to Cuscus, pretty courageous to even try it. The buried pig sounds much more appetising, A bit like the New Zealand Maouri “Hungi” by the sound of it, possibly the people have the same ethnic origins..?

17 08 2010

Cannot believe you ate that lovely little animal. Intestine flaps will never catch on and the rest of the menu looks pretty grim apart from the roast pig. Seems to me that a fortnight in png would be better than weight watchers for losing a few stones. However, you look hail and hearty. I’m sure all that gorgeous christmas grub will be a welcome change. Photos remind me of van gough’s paintings.

Love x

18 08 2010

Now I fully inderstand why you have been drooling over the contents of my blog. Torture for you indeed, I almost feel guilty. Very interesting post though.

Following on from Leslie’s comment, “Kai” is also the Maouri word meaning “to eat” so further similarities between PNG & NZ, although fortunately I have never had to eat a cuscus in NZ. It possibly looks to be the least appetising thing I have ever seen.

Anyway, I am off to “Moorish” now for some North African/Middle Eastern delights, before a visitation to The Brudnell to see The Besnard Lakes. I will of course think of you and your hardman biscuits (which clearly don’t work) whilst I chow down on a lamb tagine or juicy kebab. Check out the blog for details soon, if you can handle it!

18 08 2010

Oh and as kettle shots go, that is a good one.

19 08 2010

Ooo I could just moomoo a pig

21 08 2010

Stick to the biscuits, please don’t hack your head off no matter how bad the food/smell is. I’ll never forgive you!!

Needless to say none of the above will be on the christmas menu, maybe pork but I won’t be burying it the garden for 2days!

Kettle & kitchen store pics – I like.

26 08 2010

Just to send a message from my new Gmail account now that Yahoo have totally screwed up my Yahoo email.


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