Ubii Extra

30 08 2010

Some more photos not fitting into any specific category yet worthy of some sort of attention.

Many-mouthed plant

This shot of camp was taken after sundown from the edge of primary forest. It was much darker than it looks.

Camp at dusk

Baby in a bag (2)

Folks awaiting minor medical attention

Flower/Forest Interface

The shower was a short distance from camp. Part of a mountain stream was dammed and cut bamboo placed to direct the very chilly water.

The Shower

Having a rest. Mai trying to look tough again!

Fog Descends

A hunchbacked freak unfairly snapped on his way to wash the crap out of his beard




7 responses

31 08 2010

Your photos are amazing. My friend and artist Rehana is staying and is desperate to paint some of your work. Hopefully, Les can print some off to enable her to do this. Camp at sunset is beautiful and I love baby in a bag. Most of all, of course, I like hunchback going to wash crap out of beard. Keep them coming. It makes us all feel so in touch. x


31 08 2010

I fear the water pressure in that shower would not be enough to wash anything out of your thick ginger mass.

31 08 2010

Amazing could become an overused word here but other than “awesome” which I never quite liked it’s the best word for your photos! I love Mai trying to look tough against that wonderful background and the flower/forest interface. In fact, they are all top class, as I have said before, you lucky b***er!


P.S. Looks like I’ll probably be home at Xmas
P.P.S. Has the team checked your beard out for any previously unknown species?

5 09 2010

Glad I don’t have to use that so called shower!
But great photos.
I like the ‘many mouthed plant’.

11 09 2010

That shower may be basic but it is more functional than the facilities we experienced recently at a “renowned” pub in the Lake District. As I said at the time to no one in particular, it’s no good being able to fricassee a grouse if you can’t provide running water of any variety

(wait for a comment from Donk now)…..

13 09 2010

Bussey you are a moaning t1t. I treat you to afternnon tea, a lovely meal & beers, a night in a nice posh pub complete with full breakfast and free newspaper and all you want is a hot shower.
Bore off, moron!

13 09 2010

Nice one, CoM. Great photos. Nice beard, too :-)=

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