The Goroka Show [b]

22 09 2010

Mobile Totem Poles

Some of the groups had enormous poles or boards strapped to their backs, which they carried around all day. The feathers on top of the poles are so designed that they flit symmetrically back and forth on springs made from leaves in time to the dancing.



... and the beast (and a mud man)

The stunning girl above can only have been about 12 or something. She was dancing nonchalantly at the head of her group whilst chewing gum and blowing bubbles.

More lovelies

Young Mt. Hagen man

The 2nd day was much busier – more tourists, more singsing groups – and louder. The kundu drumming of many groups intermingled with male tribal chanting and higher-pitched female singing.

Then there were pipe players from the Solomon Islands and other island groups with guitars and ukuleles.

Island Music

Enga Man

Woman bedecked in Kina shells

In pre-contact PNG, the kina shell used to carry high value, especially in the Highlands where knowledge of the coast and sea was absent. Their rarety led to shells of all kinds being highly prized and incorporated into traditional costumes, and eventually leading to PNG’s unit of currency being named the Kina.




3 responses

23 09 2010

What amazing sights. Wonderful colourful costumes and make-up. Don’t like to think about the poor birds.
The ‘mud men’ could be something out of Dr Who!

love xx

23 09 2010

Groovy pictures, but sort your hair out Dude – you look like you are trying to grow your own feather head dress (unsucessfully I might add).
Why is the Mud Man giving “the finger” to the camera, did he not like you?

24 09 2010

Well, I’d just taken my hat off and ruffled the hair up a bit to look sexy. Unfortunately, it just looks like there’s been a bad forest fire on the moon.

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