The Goroka Show [3]

28 09 2010

More amazing pictures from the Goroka Show

Jumping Men of Enga

Smile for the Camera (Solomon Islands Girl)

Little Boy-Man Feigns Attack

The obligatory arty shot (wish I'd taken a few more actually)

Colourful Child

Chimbu Man (I think)

Madang Singsing Group




5 responses

28 09 2010

I love the jumping men. reminds me of the leaping nuns of Norwich (Peter Cook et al). Cameroon girl is just beautiful but little boy? man – is he just a little bald man or a prematurely aged child? Anyway,the whole festival gave you some wonderful photo opportunites and must be a huge colourful gathering. Rehana my artist friend is now overwhelmed with stuff to paint.

Love Wozzer.

29 09 2010

they reminded me of the jumping jews of jerusalem (from Blackadder I). The boy-man was a boy who had the top of his head shaved and the cuttings glued to his chin. They were hilarious. Look forward to seeing Rehana’s work – if it’s anything like Shaun’s art it will be brilliant.
@ Les – yes back in Madang for a while

29 09 2010

Have you thought of doing the same re. chin cuttings to top of head?
I like Chimbu Man.

28 09 2010

Sorry Solmon Islands girl not Cameroon. Silly me.

28 09 2010

What to say? Fantastic is overused but appropriate. Are you spending more time back at base camp now?


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