14 08 2010

Some photos of the folk to be seen around Ubii.

My Favourite - Great Smile

I don’t remember this little girl’s name, but I love her smile and pose – the bush knive, the little bag. This was taken on the ridge over-looking Ubii, partly obscured by her elbow.

Late Night in the Kitchen

Brothers With Knives

Another favourite – Mai & Neru looking tough. I didn’t ask them to pose like this – as soon as I got my camera, they instinctively got into position as if pre-planned.

Camera-shy Sersyline

Sersyline is my other gall assistant, but she’s very shy and normally runs away when the camera comes out.

Martin in the Lab

Martin is our leaf-miner man. Shame about that bag.

Baby in a Bag

This is little John sleeping in a bilum hung on the side of the house, as is normal.

Me with Community Leader, Tonsep

Tonsep had a quite-possibly broken wrist, or rather, he had it broken for him by his wife who hit him with a stick after an argument.

Tonsep's wife and sons (pre-argument)

You may recognise Mai, Tonsep’s son to a previous wife, and John, the littlest one. On the right is Vojta. John & Vojta are named after John (BRC parataxonomist) and Vojta (Professor, BRC Boss, and my supervisor).


Mai (again) and others during a party night in which a pig was moomooed (cooked underground) and we danced to music.

Ubii Siblings